Monday, February 3, 2014

"From Dusk Til Dawn" is now officially open for submissions!

Visionary Press Cooperative Romance is officially open for submissions to the “From Dusk Til Dawn” anthology. The deadline is midnight February 28, 2014. Submissions have already started to arrive and I must admit, I am super excited about our first romance anthology!  Also, there is now a link for the general submission guidelines. 
Just a reminder, the sub-genre is author’s choice. You can write a sweet love story, a sexy bone chilling romance laced with horror, or a toe-curling, heavy breathing erotica tale. But as the title suggests, one or more of your characters should most definitely be a being that roams the earth under the protection of the night. Which one? Well, it’s your story, surprise me.

Submissions should be sent to -

So, all of you romance authors out there, send me your stories. Excite me, rock my world!

Quinn Cullen, Director of Romance  @~~>~~~

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